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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Every Italian company is required by law to maintain accounting records sufficient to identify all financial transactions. We offer accounting and bookkeeping services, including taxation, financial planning, auditing and consultancy in the most efficient, effective, accurate and timely manner possible, with the highest professional and ethical standards at affordable fees. Our clients are small to medium-sized national/multinational organizations based in Italy, from start-ups to established companies/subsidiaries, benefitting from personalized services.

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Tax Reporting & Advisory

A tax return is due for workers each year by the end of April to end of September. Employees and workers can submit tax return and claim their income and tax deductible expenses (medical and certain educational expenses; health insurance; etc..) in order to ascertain whether they may have overpaid or they may pay back the extra money. We offer a full range service to optimize you taxation and let you and your worker save money.

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Internal & External Audit

Auditing is not a static process and we recognise the need to offer our clients the best possible range of compliance and advisory services and we therefore ensure the continual development and enhancement of our range of audit tools. The main services offered in this area: Audits of financial statements, Internal controls audits and Accounting advisory.

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Payroll Processing

A payroll is required if your business employs staff. The employer is required to maintain a payroll to manage the salary, tax deductions, and social security payments for the each employee. Our payroll services will manage all of this on your behalf and are designed to exclusively address your company requirements.

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