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The Italian Notary

The Notary is a public official to whom the State delegates the authority to perform public functions. These public functions are exercised in the name and on behalf of the public power to guarantee the legal and economic system of the State.

The notary's main function is to certify and draw up the parties' agreements in accordance with the laws and the principles of the legal system after consultation and analysis of the most fitting solution in the best interest of the parties. A notary is directly involved with the parties in drafting the bylaws for new corporations and amending them to additional and different purposes that may involve corporate reorganizations and debt restructuring in business branch acquisitions. A notary also deals with commercial transactions regarding trademarks, patents, real estate, loans, mortgages and leases including the provision of securities for these transactions.

As a Public Official, the Notary is directly responsibile for his services towards the Ministry of Justice, and is exposed to a strict layer of controls to ensure that he always performs his activity in the public interest and under the law.

Our notary service

Our team of experts includes notaries who can assist in the accomplishment of bureaucratic practices requiring a public official. Our Italian notaries are also native English speakers, so they can take out acts directly in English without the use of apostille or expensive certified translations, keeping the price competitive.