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A payroll is required if your business employs staff. The employer is required to maintain a payroll to manage the salary, tax deductions, and social security payments for the each employee. Additional employer contributions to employee pension schemes and social security are legally compulsory.
The amount of administration involved in organizing your company’s payroll is relatively complex. Our payroll services will manage all of this on your behalf and are designed to exclusively address your company requirements. Our full range of payroll services is detailed below:

  • Social security registration and updates where required
  • Completion of social security forms
  • Calculation of employee and social security payments
  • Handling social security e-payments
  • Estimation of the cost of the employee
  • Monthly employee payroll statement
  • Administration of Withholding Tax

Our team of qualified lawyers and labor consultants regularly also assist clients in relation to employment contracts, intra-company transfers in Italy.

Employment contracts

Employment contracts (contratto di lavoro) are required by law for each member of staff employed. The two main types are temporary employment contract (contratto a termine and contratto a tempo determinato) and permanent employment contract (contratto a tempo indeterminato), and they contain a set of legal clauses both for the employer and employee.

Typically employment contracts detail the specific aspects and expectations of the working relationship between employer and employee but they all generally include job title, salary, responsibilities and duties, entitlement to sick pay and holidays, and applicable probationary and notice periods.
Our services include:

  • Reviewing employment offers
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Reviewing employment contracts

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our employment contract services.

Intra Company Transfers

In an Intra-Company Transfer a foreign employee is transferred by its employer to work for the Company’s subsidiary office in Italy. This is mainly used by international businesses when bringing in more specialist workers from overseas.
The process for transferring an employee within the company is complex. Much of the responsibility of the application is upon the employer. The Intra-Company Transfer work permit for the employee is called a Nulla Osta al Lavoro in Italy. However, to apply for this a secondary application (Sportello Unico d’Immigrazione) must be authorized and submitted by the employer to the local Italian Labour Office.
Once the work permit has been successfully approved and completed it is valid for two years. The employee is then required to apply for a further permit, sanctioning their residence in Italy for this period of time.
It is advisable to gain the advice and support of a specialist when navigating the applications for Italian visas and permits. We are experienced with the procedures involved and will expertly guide you through the process as well as organize the paperwork for you so that your application is completed efficiently.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about intra company transfers services.