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Tax Return

A tax return is due for workers each year by the end of April to end of September. Employees and workers can submit tax return and claim their income and tax deductible expenses (medical and certain educational expenses; health insurance; etc..) in order to ascertain whether they may have overpaid or they may pay back the extra money. We offer a full range service to optimize you taxation and let you and your worker save money.

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Tax Advisory

Our wide range of services include domestic and international tax consultancy and assistance on income tax, VAT and other direct and indirect taxes. The tax team has developed deep knowledge in analyzing and interpreting double tax treaties, defining transfer pricing policies and handling cross-border licenses, cost-sharing agreements, dividend flows, royalties and interest.

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Tax Litigation

We provide clients with the most highly-qualified assistance in the delicate tax audit management stage and in reaching an agreement with the tax authorities, applying the appropriate dispute resolution procedures. We help the client to make decisions by providing a careful and detailed analysis of the dispute and the related liabilities for balance sheet and corporate restructuring purposes. Prior to initiating litigation proceedings, we help the company to assess the cost and benefits of the action to be taken.

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